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Custom Clearance Management Software Features

The Customs Clearance Software helps simplify customs Procedures While Maximizing Available Benefits.
An integrated Custom House Agents Software can play an essential role in explaining ideas while using the advantage of the maximum possible benefits. The more electronic and combined the procedures, the higher the possibility that these goods can be processed and transported completely and efficiently.

Customs Clearance Management Software_Nov 05,2018
The CHA software solution helps users comply with the precise conditions of the customs warehouse system. The best solution can also offer a safe and time-efficient way to handle introduced goods although of the type of customs warehouse in use. Citta Solutions Custom Broker Software is an on-demand solution specifically designed to empower users to handle goods stored under the customs warehouse procedure, by keeping information on imported goods and accounts, tracking all movement and activity, and allowing accurate and timely electronic declaration processing.

Main Features
The buyer of the Goods Registration: Allows storage services with multiple customers to ensure the efficiency of assets being expressed.
Customs Value Calculation Metrics: Gives in-depth metrics on the value of inbound or outbound freight, steering into account a broad range of supplements and decrements, to help companies determine the best methodology for measuring customs values.
Preference Management: Allows users to keep the record of all preferred certificates to assure proper import duty arrangements have been made.
Validation Engine and Error Alerts: Provides for automatic entry of all validations, as well as flags errors and signs such as fluctuations in values that may influence customs compliance requirements.
Inventory Management and Status Overview: Gives an end-to-end audit trail with a straight link to inbound and outbound notifications for every transaction and/or translation within the customs warehouse.
Duty Optimization and Preference Management: Includes features that allow companies to leverage the best reasonable rates for goods inside custom clearance software facilities through the following approaches:
Clearing on the Shelf: Enables users to perform an import declaration and pay tax on goods stored in the warehouse in the event of an anticipated increase in duties
Smart Picking: Automatically selects assets from the customs warehouse based on preconfigured prioritization rules to maximize power and duty optimization.
Various Customs Warehouse Type Support: Supports Public A, B, F and Private C, D, E customs warehouse types. Citta Solutions Customs Broker Software can quickly be combined with import, export and transit management modules to allow end-to-end functionality that comprises expression processing, document generation (e.g. stock records), tracking and information sharing.
Seamless Data Capture: Allows multiple record upload options, including electronic messaging, standard capture (scanning/fax) or via other custom broker applications; as well as leverage existing and developing standards for business documents, and supports multiple data types.
Back-end Integration: Functions can be easily integrated with current back-end administration systems to decrease cost and complexity.

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