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Benefits of having Custom House Agent Software

Engaging complex regional agreement requirements is one of the greatest challenges for global logistics businesses and supply chain providers. Cha365cloud – Custom house agent software provides the single-platform solution that integrates your operations for quick, simplified, efficient customs clearance so you can concentrate on business, not borders.

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Simple Compliance with Global Customs
Cha365cloud – customs clearance software provides a customs clearance system that ensures compliance with the continually changing regulations and requirements across the world. The system simplifies customs process by retrieving the calculated duty and tax, and predicts entry fees for the relevant customs authority prior to submission so you always know what to expect. In addition to convenient functionality, carefully selected Citta Solutions are available to help you with any compliance issues that may arise locally. Cha365cloud – Cha software is the comprehensive compliance solution that keeps you one-step ahead.

Global Growth without Customs Complications The difficulty of global customs can halt your global expansion plans. Cha365cloud turns these complications into a step-by-step process that allows rapid expansion into new territories. By combining your business with customs authorities and giving you an efficient, easy-to-use tool to comply with a multitude of customs requirements, you remove one of the key expansion challenges international logistics businesses face today.

Data Collection and Automation
Cha365cloud offers a complete customs solution that can handle everything from the simplest one-line entry to the most complex scenario. As an enterprise-class software solution, Cha365cloud compiles all customs-related data across your operations, minimizing unnecessary re-keying and automatically issuing this data to both clients and customs. From configurable dashboard views and data entry fields to automatic notifications and calculations of disbursement, Cha365cloud reduces data entry and eliminates errors so you can increase both productivity and accuracy throughout your business.

Increased Operational Integration Cha365cloud is a complete suite of integrated ERP applications that integrates your forwarding, costing, and invoicing requirements into one compellingly simple, multi-layered form. It will allow you to create and send all kind of declarations, and it automatically links them to shipment details within the system. You offer a higher level of service to your customers when you use Cha365cloud. Meanwhile, workflow alert notifications and extensive, automated push reporting, your customers have a clear line of sight to their customs clearance details and process timelines.

Quick and Easy Tariff Classification
Cha365cloud grants access to fully integrated online tariff classification tools that assist you in classifying commodities. Efficiently search over tariff chapter notes, section notes, binding ruling information, countervailing, and anti-dumping cases, along with all other government agency requirements and duty rate information – all from within the system. Use the keyword search function to quickly gather the information you need, then select the tariff and let Cha365cloud automatically populate your entry. Regularly updated to satisfy the latest tariff requirements, Cha365cloud gives you an easy-to-use import-export solution that ensures compliance with government bodies.

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